Hello, readers/followers! X3

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I am up @ 8:26am, dying of boredom… :/

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Since boredom decided it was gonna invade my personal space, I decided to just go ahead and post my fanfic links, a task I was gonna do later…ish (I procrastinate. There, I said it. X’D). 😛

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My Fanfic Links ( W/ Book Covers:

MLP: My Little Human“, my fave MLP fanfic to write. 😀 It’s also my most popular one. XD


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Changes (An MLP Fanfic)“, my 2nd-fave MLP fanfic to write. ^u^ It has a wonky cover (Sizing issues O.O), so I’m not posting said cover. :3

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Destiny (An MLP Fanfic)“, my 3rd-fave MLP fanfic to write. 🙂 The cover’s creator is credited in the story.


Please note that some of my fanfics haven’t been posted because I want to work on them more before posting them, or they’ve been discontinued, like “Equestria (An MLP Fanfic)”. ^u^

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You should know that Wattpad gives you the option to make your story an ongoing one (you update the story chapter by chapter), or a completed one (when your story is completely finished). 🙂

My point: All of my fanfics are ongoing and are going to be updated. :3

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in my next post! XD

Bye, now! X3