Why Other Bronies Kinda Piss Me Off

Hello, everyone! X3

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I’ve found some motivation to blog today: Dumb Bronies.

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Not all Bronies are bad, but I’ve met many who are full of it. 😡

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Here are a list of things Bronies do that irk me:

1. Defend Fluttershy >> No matter what, Fluttershy will be praised by many Bronies. She hasn’t done much to be praised, but they just give her praise and free passes. 😐

Example 1: “Filli Vanilli” vs. “Sonic Rainboom”

In “Filli Vanilli”, Pinkie rambles on and on about things that Fluttershy may experience while performing. She made Fluttershy cry, so Bronies immediately hated her.

However, in “Sonic Rainboom”, Fluttershy did the same thing to Dash. The only differences are that Dash didn’t cry (though it had a negative affect on her) and Fluttershy wasn’t as loud and in-your-face as Pinkie was.

My point: Fluttershy got a free pass, but Pinkie got hate. DX


Example 2: “The Best Night Ever” (“TBNE”)

The episodes I’m referencing aren’t in order, but this episode’s important in my examples.

In “TBNE”, Pinkie was trying to liven up the party, but Canterlot’s too stuffy for that. Rainbow Dash is trying to impress the Wonderbolts, Rarity’s “date” is being a douche, and Applejack is trying to sell her food to uppity Canterlot ponies. Meanwhile, Fluttershy is slowly becoming a psycho trying to get animals to like her.

Soon, they all end up messing up the gala on accident.

My point: Pinkie gets hate for “not having class”, but Fluttershy scaring the crap out of the animals is okay? Being the cause of a stampede is okay? I STILL haven’t heard people talk about the stampede she caused. >/)<


Example 3: “28 Pranks Later” (“28PL”)

28PL will be my last example; this post’ll be waaay too long if I keep adding to reason 1. ;P

In “28PL”, Dash scares Fluttershy with a silly little prank. Soon, the rest of the Mane 6, who laughed and could care less when Dash pranked Gilda, mind you, suddenly ganged up on Dash for ONE prank against A PONY SHE PROTECTED FOR YEARS (like WTF?!). It’s because Fluttershy went crying to her friends.

My point: Dash is called a “jerk” for scaring Fluttershy, but when Fluttershy scared her friends on Nightmare Night, no one batted an eyelash. >:|


Sorry, but Fluttershy is scared of EVERYTHING, so, even if it was lazy to prank an overly-sensitive person, it wasn’t “jerk” behavior.

Face it, Fluttershy is just a pansy. She can dish it, but can’t take it. 😦

She’s the pony version of Taylor Swift. ALWAYS the victim. >XO >/)<


2. Bash Rainbow Dash >> Dash can be brash, harsh, and the writers keep messing her personality and mentality up so the episode has a conflict. How many times will they make her relearn a lesson she already learned? 😡

Anyway, Dash has done wrong, but when her friends do wrong/do similar things, they get a pass like Fluttershy does.

Example 1: Dash vs. Her Friends :/

Dash gets hated for bragging. Okay, but Twilight sounds like a pompous Canterlot snob when she speaks about her “knowledge” of certain things. She thinks she knows everything. She is not telling folks what she knows, she’s bragging half the time.

Dash is hated and they say she’s “full of herself”. Have you met the vain Drama Queen, Rarity?! Have you met Twilight?! Twilight thinks she knows everything because of what she reads in books. Rarity acts like she is better because she is loved in Snobsville Canterlot and “Sophisticated” Manehattan.

Just… UGH.


3. Praise Twilight Sparkle >> Bronies praise Twilight, but why? She isn’t worth it. >:|

Example 1: “Friendship Is Magic (Parts 1 & 2)” and “Amending Fences”

These 2 episodes prove Twilight isn’t worthy of friends, her title of “Princess of Friendship”, or praise. She treated friendly people like crap. She STILL didn’t care about the mares from Canterlot until Spike guilt-tripped her.


Example 2: “Magical Mystery Cure”

She didn’t fix Star Swirl’s spell on her own, her friends helped her. She only wrote a spell. They taught her what they already understood: TRUE FRIENDSHIP.

Bronies and the MLP staff keep treating her as if she did it alone.

No. Just… no. >n<


Example 3: Doesn’t Get True Friendship

The fact that Twilight still thinks friendship can be scientifically explained, or be studied, should give you guys a clue.

How tf is she gonna teach when she still doesn’t get it?

Her friends are the ones that taught her. THEY should be the Princesses of Friendship.

/)(\ /)(\ /)(\

This concludes why other Bronies piss me off. 🙂

There are more reasons, but I’m tired. :/

See ya around. 😀 Bye! XD



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